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Thursday, July 28, 2005
  More Vista screenshots

As the title may have implied, here are some more screenshots of Microsoft Windows Vista.
  MS Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 betas are released

Microsoft Windows Vista and Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP are now availabe and details are starting to trickle out. The MSDN IEBlog announced their availability Tom's Hardware has a post up with a screenshot and some details. Doesn't look like Internet Explorer 7 has much improved on their support of web standards from the look of some of the comments on the IEBlog. And this surprises people?
  How Google came to be
Wired has a two page article up detailing how Larry and Sergey met each other at Standford and how Google came to be. What's interesting to note is that Google started out as a project for Larry called Backrub, ranking websites on the number of backlinks pointing to a particular site. The project became so popular that it alone almost killed Standford's internet connection.
  Share your personal stats via tattoos

The latest ASUS phone, the J105, gives the cool kids a new way to interact. You get a special barcode-like tattoo which holds your personal information. When in a picutre taken by the J105, the J105 can decode that barcode tatoo to get your personl details. That way you don't have to bother with dishing out your phone number or favorite food, over and over again. Nice concept.
  433,333 watcht the space shuttle take off

More than 433,333 people simultaneously watched NASA launch the space shuttle Discovery. Other outlets had streams of the launch going so the number of those who watched would be even greater if they were counted officially.
Wednesday, July 27, 2005
  Put all of your pics on one 4GB SD card
Now you won't have to transfer any pictures off of your digital camera for a long time. Pretec has started selling 4 Gigabyte SD memory cards (access speeds of 20mb/s)that run $699 a pop.
  Shop on your mobile device
Now you can shop Amazon on your mobile device for those times you just have to shop and can't wait to get to your desktop pc or don't have them time to actually go to a shop and bother with pesky people.
  Korean company's latest is a 46 inch IPTV

Korean company VITZe's latest tv is an 40 or 46 inch LCD IP-able television that comes with a USB connection and it's own internet browser. It also has enough built in memory to store around 13000 photos.
  How much power cyclers put into the Tour de France
Ex-Lance Armstrong teammate Floyd Landis strapped a device from CycleOps on his bike that measured out many watts he output during the Tour de France. After recording all the data, they put the results online.
  Netflix download service close to testing phase

Looks like the short glimpse people caught of Netflix's download service wasn't a hoax and is getting close and closer to becoming a reality. Inside sources say that the company is close to testing their "download movies onto our tv set-top box" service.
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
  Motorola announces new RAZR inspired qwerty smartphone

Motorola has called the RAZR-inspired (more like the RAZR's fatter, distant cousin) smartphone the Moto Q. The phone will run on Windows Mobile 5 and will come supporting Exechange 2003, Bluetooth and voice-activated amongst other coolness I'm sure. The Moto Q is supposedly the thinnest and lightest QWERTY (easiest word to type ever) phone. You can pick one up for yourself around Q1 2006.
Monday, July 25, 2005
  Turn office supplies into deadly weapons
Just so you know what's coming if you see someone searching for these materials, here's OfficeGuns instructions on how to make a laser-pointed pencil shooter.
  Cell phones used to predict the future
MIT students use 100 customized cell phones to predict the future actions of the people who recieved the phones within 85% accuracy.
  Keep an eye on the little unstoppable forces of nature in the backseat

The BabyCam makes it easy to keep an eye on your precious bundle/precocious youngster in the backseat without having to look past the rearview mirror.
he system is designed for Toyota SUVs/trucks, and features a small, compact, wide-angle view that enables mum the driver to turn around to check on an infant in a reverse-oriented car seat. A flush-mount installation places the state-of-the-art high-quality color camera in the center of the vehicle's roof interior/headliner for a streamlined, OEM-like appearance. The camera plugs directly into the mirror for easy driver viewing. A 3.5" LCD color display is included that is built into the rearview mirror to allow quick driver monitoring of children.
  Make your own Windows Vista Auxiliary Display
Make put up a post on how to integrate an Auxiliary dispaly onto your laptop using Konfabulator widgets, tape, a pocket pc and a laptop. An auxiliary display is basically a small LCD screen on the outside of your laptop or pc that enables you to view vital information without you having to turn your computer on or open your laptop. Vital info like the weather, your emails and/or how much longer you have on your battery. It make look a little low fi and with making your own, your laptop will need to be on but it still works pretty well.
  Twentieth Century Fox and Lowes Theaters bring movies to mobiles
Twentieth Century Fox, Lowes Theaters and Wideray Corp are teaming up to bring movie trailers, wallpapers, ringtones and movie schedules to your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. You're phone will let you know when you're inside the range of a download station which will be inside of Lowes Theaters around the country.
  Japan hopes to build world's fastest computer
Japan had the world's fastest computer, with a speed of 35.9 teraflops, with their earth simulator but they lost the title to IBMs 136.8 teraflops cappable Blue Gene in 2002. Now Japan is hoping to build a supercomputer that can run at 10 petaflops per second. If they get the approval from the ministry, the project could cost Japan around $714 to $893 million.
  USB Spaghetti extesnsion cable
One wonders how and why this came to be. If you need a USB cable extender , have too much free space and are looking to use up said space with a large plate of fake spaghetti that is actually a USB extension cable, I'd say today will probably be the only day you actually find something you're looking for. Brought to you by makers of weird food and usb devices Japanese company SolidAlliance
  MSN opens site for Rock Star: INXS

Just like everyone else, I haven't watch an episode yet either but that hasn't stopped CBS and MSN from teaming up to put out a site for the audience challenged reality-show. At their site you can get more information on the contestants as well as check out their MSN Spaces blogs.
  MSN Virtual Earth debuts, doesn't tickle my fancy
MSN Virtual Earth officially debuts today. Check out the Virtual Earth team here. It looks great and all but when it' primary function doesn't work for me. I get turned off. The street you see in the pic and it's "guide" line of sorts don't even match. The guide need to be up a few streets. Being this off kind of makes it unusable for my area but oh well. I'll check it again after a while to see if it's imporved.
Sunday, July 24, 2005
  Get totally guaraunteed legal torrents
Get you completly legal torrents at From their site:
LegalTorrents is a collection of Creative Commons-licensed, legally downloadable, freely distributable creator-approved files, from electronic/indie music to movies and books, which we have made available via BitTorrent - we (concept/updates - simon c., code - reed, bandwidth - joe/tommy, logo - tony kinglux) are also hosting a 'guaranteed' high speed seed for them. Everyone that grabs the BitTorrent client and downloads helps contribute more bandwidth, because BitTorrent utilizes your unused upload bandwidth. Again, please note that all of the current torrents are made available under a Creative Commons license with the full permission of the rights holder. Oh, and here's our RSS feed.
  The pointer arrow mouse for macs

For all you one-click MACers out there comes the one-click mouse that's in the shape of a pointer arrow. Wonder how it feels in your palm.
  Yahoo buys Konfabulator
The three-emplyoee firm Konfabulator, makers of widgets so fine that Apple included them into their OS dashboard, gets bought by Yahoo for an undisclosed amount. Also good news is the fact that Yahoo will refund all who paid ($20) to purchase a Knfabulator widget from mid-May forward. Yahoo hopes give away the widgets free in order to bring more traffic to their websites.
  Get your own Google-like logo
We have just changed our homepage to this. Why? Because we love ourselves and a google-ized tech-hawg logo makes us feel bigger than we are. Want to goole-ize some text of your own? Knock yourself out.
  Check stock info via Google

Just in time for the beginning of the work week, Google has integrated stock info into it's flagship site. If you put a stock symbol into Google (like Goog for google for example), you'll get some dandy recent stock info on said stock.
  Virtual Earth is down..for now
The virtual Earth team must have just put it up to run some test or the Mircosoft PR department didn't like everyone knowing Virtual Earth was open for business just yet. We'll see how it works when it's unleashed tomorrow.
For all of your aspiring tool makers out there, check out Via Virtual Earth for API information on how to integrate your applcations with the new Virtual Earth. We'll see how many people get into Virtual Earth. Seems like Microsoft wants to make it easy to do so. I guess that's the cost of getting into the map website business since a ton of people or integrating Yahoo and Google maps.
  MSN debuts Virtual Earth
Looks like MSN's Virtual Earth is now somewhat live. The performance is a little sluggish at times but according to Microsoft's Geek Blogger, the Scobelizer, it wasn't supposed to be officially released until Monday. When I looked up my street and switched to their satellite type view and the street overlay was horribly wrong. The streets were all over the place and just wrong. It will most likely be a lot better tomorrow though so we'll see. This blogger thinks MSN's Virtual Earth is the bees knees. I'll hold off judgement until Monday.
Saturday, July 23, 2005
  New York goes after top three cell phone companies
Due to what basically amounts to what The Department of Consumer Affairs in New York City claims is false advertising, the DCA has filed suit against Nextel, Sprint and T-Mobile. Sprint and Nextel plan on fighting the suit but T-Mobile hasn't commented since it's their policy not to.
  New MSN screensaver impresses
Looks like Jeff Sandquist is impressed with the new MSN screensaver.
Friday, July 22, 2005
  Digital music lovers go legit en masse
With all the people going for the high speed internet connections these days (no netzero, your 3G service isn't high speed) this should come as no surprise but, legal digital music downloads have tripled so far from 57 million downloads in the first half of 2004 to 180 million in 2005. Woah.
  Anagram madness
Did you know "A CABMAN HA MONK" is an anagram for banana hammock? I didn't either until I discovered the magic of the Internet Anagram Server. Perfect for the slow (hopfully for you) friday workday.
  Longhorn gets branded
Are you prepared for Microsoft Vista? I'm know I'm not. Vista is the official non-beta name for the next iteration of windows. The Vista beta 1 build is due out by the end of next week with beta 2 to follow early next year and with the final release to come out sometime late next year, give or take 24-48 months...about.
Thursday, July 21, 2005
  Poker "Bad Boy" beats poker bot

The bot that won's build your best poker bot contest, dubbed Poker Probot, was handed a tall glass of defeat from one of the World Series Poker stars Phil "The Unabomber" Laak. The sweatshirt-loving, Hollywood-girlfriend having (Jennifer Tilly, schwing!) Lakk was able to beat the bot in three hours, ending the match with his pair of aces to best the bot's pair of kings. Starting off, Laak realized that the bot was playing way aggressive so he changed up his strategy to take advantage of the bot and take advantage he did. Mankind 1, machines 0 (in poker anyway, no thanks to you chess guys out there!)
  The world's lightest (and errie looking) solid

Looking like the ghost of a real solid, Aerogel is 99.8% air and 1,000 times less dense than glass but is rough enough to survive a space launch's high temperatures and provides 39 times better insulation than fiberglass. As cool as this so-light-it's-almost-not-a-solid solid is, it's hard to believe it was invented in the 1930s. Nasa recently used it on their mars pathfinder to collect cometary samples and interstellar particles aboard the Stardust mission.
Although much less dense than glass, Aerogel is another silicon-based solid but is composed of individual features only a few nanometers in size linked in a highly porous structure. Its unusual properties include low thermal conductivity, refractive index and sound speed - but it's the ability to slow down and capture fast moving dust with minimal heating or other effects that would cause their physical alteration that grabbed NASA's attention.
  accessing TiVo's hidden web server, that's right, web server
Looks like Tivo series 2 DVRs come bundled with a hidden web server that basically allows you to access your stored content remotely. You connect to your Tivo via the Tivo box's ip address and it basically brings you to a page where you can see what you have stored so far. If you want to connect to it from outside of your network, you would have to do some port forwarding from your router but once you do, download away. If you have a series 2 Tivo box that's been updated with the TTG software, you don' need to make any modifications past putting the box on your network. I wonder why this cool little feature wasn't widely mentioned by Tivo. This seems like an awsome feature that looks to be fully functional. No worries. Just enjoy being able to download and share your content with the world.
  Miragraphy coming to a mirror near you, if you live in Japan

Hitachi announced that have created a mirror that can also function as a computer display. Odd that in the pictures they show, you don't see any wires. I know there will be wires you tease! From RFID in Japan,
It combines a half mirror and a diffusion film to directly display digital information (text, photos, video, tv shows, websites, flash movies etc.) on a mirror surface using an LCD projector. This technology, called Miragraphy, also integrates sensors, RFID readers, barcode readers, cameras, etc. So, the mirror can automatically respond when people are aruond and personalize digital contents based on their sensed identities.
I wonder if you could make this one giant touchscreen as well. I would think that having it be a touch-sensitive screen would be something of a default feature since it wouldn't be too useful if you had to go use a mouse to move things around on your mirror. [also seen on popgadget]
  'Contact Us' pages get scrutinized
PCWorld takes a look at many of the biggest sites "Contact Us" pages. Noting how hard it is to find an e-mail link and how long it takes until they get a personal answer to the inquiry they send in. Looks like Craigslist isn't even trying too hard anymore. For shame Mr Craig, for shame.
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  Google Moon debuts

In commemorating of the first lunar landing, which occurred on July 20, 1969, Google has released Google Moon. Letting you explore the various cracks and craters on the moon's surface and where your lunar vacation homesite is most likely to exist. Quick Microsoft! Release something similar and claim you've been working on it all along! How about Microsoft Pluto or Mercury?
  Latest TiVo upgrade hopes to appease advertisers
TiVo had to do something for the oh-so sensitive advertising industry. The latest TiVo upgrade enables 1 million of their series 2 subscribers to respond to the long form ads they'll see in a more interactive way. If you like what you're hearing in the ad and want more information, beam your personal information on over to the personal information hungry advertisers who would be more than happy to give you a call. In their industry, you're a qualified lead and they love qualified leads. The update will also pop up a little logo or "tags" will pop up when you fast forward thru certain ads, ensuing that no one is able to hide from the daily marketing blitzkreg that is our american media. It's just the man trying to keep you down.
  Blogs begin to take off in Cambodia
Wired has an article up on how combodians are warning up to blogging. The Internation Republican Institue (IRI) has sponsored some blog classes, teachin the public about blogs and how to create their own. They hope to foster more of a democrating atmosphere as more and more people hop online and spill their political guts. The IRIs's interest in the power of blogging comes from Cambodia's retired King Norodom Sihanouk. He has has been posting his thoughts and sometimes critical political hankerings online since 2002 drawing responses from Cambdian Prime Minister Hun Sen.
  Microsoft sues ex-employee who got wooed away to Google
Microsoft is suing ex-employee Dr. Kai-Fu Lee for leaving Microsoft to work with the more-buzzed about Google. The noncompete agreement was signed when Lee came onboard to Microsoft back in 2000 and called for Lee to not work for a competitor for a year after leaving Microsoft. No one has been able to reach Lee for comment yet but Google said that the claims Microsoft have been making are "without merit". Not sure how they came to this conclusion since Microsoft would have the docs and Google wouldn't. Maybe Google had a look at the document and found a loophole of sorts. I'm sure we'll hear more as time goes on. It's ok Google, tech pimpin ain't easy, is it?
Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  Verizon and Sprint customers can now message each other
Hopefully, this works better than keeping your cell phone number while you switch cell phone carriers. Verizon and Sprint began to share MMS message capabilitites on Saturday, meaning that customers of the two bleeding edge mobile phone companies can now communicate with each other thru MMS text messaging because, well, what else would you do with a cell phone? Other carriers, T-Mobile USA and Cingular are suspected to be following suit.
  Shiel your iPod from the cold, harsh world with unstoppable cuteness

That's right I said unstoppable. Look at these guys. I want to take one home just to cuddle and spoon with it. You too can get in these so cute it's hurts iPod covers for only $17.00 a pop.
Here at Frosty Cream we understand that the only good scratches are the ones found on turntables. Show your iPod some love and enlist the help of one of these cuddly Critters to keep 'em cozy and scratch free! These cuties are made out of super soft non-pill fleece and felt and are lined with soft but sturdy white cotton fabric. The velcro secured top offers quick and easy access. Slip in your iPod, plug in through the buttonhole in the top and you're ready to go!
Monday, July 18, 2005
  Who knew...Microsoft is slow?
Why am I the last to know!?! Microsoft's last link to cool, Senior Scobleizer put up a post on how Microsoft isn't getting the VC love or the new-hot-girl-on-campus action that open source projects have been getting. Basically, Microsoft over-promised on .Net and has under-delivered to an extent, so far. Before you .Net purists comment bomb this oh so fragile blog, I think (thought?).Net is kewl. But not Ruby on Rails kewl. RoR (shout-out to the acronym lovers out there) is just flat out hot. Ruby on Rails is so cool that a new cream of MVC(another shout-out!)-style framworks have begun popping up for other improtant programming languages. I promote and sponsor (with nothing but good vibes) Ruby on Rails for many reason, but number one has to be the community. The man who concocted Ruby on Rails is still able to post answers and comments to the Ruby on Rails mailing list along with other RoR heavyweights. Number two would be the sheer readability most likely because of Ruby, the language behind the framework. Being the small time programmer I am, I would have to say that it wasn't intimidating at all to look at some RoR code, even on the first day I began to look more into it. Perl makes me want to puke and java makes me head hurt. While building apps are fun and all, I'm a bit turned off by the " 2.0-features-that-you-might-be-able-to-use-in-production-in-Febuary Summer winter" ugh. I got tired at looking at all of the upcoming 2.0 features but not being able to implement anything until it's released. With RoR, you hear about the kewl stuff you can do, after a build is released and the community eventually digs deeper and deeper into the code. It's blowin my mind man. With the Ajax coolness (brought to you by prototype.js and unleashed in the latest build, how can you not be giddy with excitement? I mean, Ajaxiness just started reaching mass hysteria recently (thank you Google) and already I can partake in the festivities? It's a good time to jump in the web developer pool ladies and gents. The water's fine...if a little warm next to the guy with the J2EE speedo on (zing!).
  iPod to get video?

No.friggin.shitte (pronounced shyte, you know, like your british). Expect all digital audio players to follow. It's surprising that this seems to be such a shock to people. The next big question would be, what comes after the video? Video just seems like a natural progression for a device that can play audio and show pictures. Once it hops on the moving picture bandwagon, what will the iPod do next? It can't do much on the price front, there are a few portable video players available for those with a "I bought the iPod as soon as it came out"-price range but a little pricey for the "do you think i can get an iPod at WalMart for cheaper" set. Maybe we'll get an iVideo shuffle or something. Who cares as long as purty and soft and makes you look cool. I know that I'll be there when the iPod video comes out, jerking it out all over town. Oh yeah.
Friday, July 15, 2005
  Worlds youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

Coming in at 10 yrs old (got her certification when she was 9), Pakistani Arfa Karim Randhawa got a chance to speak with Bill Gates personally and asked him why they don't hire more people her age.
  Coolest Keyboard ever
The Optimus Keyboard from artlebedev can show you what each key is it's own stand-alone display. Unfortunately this is only a prototype but I guess we could see these mass produced once their patents are approved...maybe.
  One montior, two screens
Sharp has developed an LCD monitor that can display two different pictures at the same time. If you stand a little to the left of the tv, you see one thing. If you stand off to the right a bit, you see a different screen altogether. One person can be watching a movie while the other is surfing the net. Some downsides are you'll see a mix of the two screen if you stand directly in front of the set and one person has to listen to headphones so the sounds from both screens are kept seperate. Other than that, it's pretty cool.
Thursday, July 14, 2005
  Good look at cool Mammatus Clouds
I've seen some wierd cloud formations locally and thought they were pretty cool. It this was in a movie or tv show, I'd bet we'd heard complaints that the CGI was pretty bad and the sky was oviously fake. Here are some pics of some Mammatus clouds Jorn Olsen took at Heartwell Park in Hastings, Nebraska. [via boingboing]
  Cingular to get new mobile phone from LG

Some documents filed on the FCC's website show some details for the upcoming LG CE500 Music Phone that sounds like it's going to be released by Cingular. The FCC docs mention Cingular quite a bit and talk about how the phone will support Cingular's MediaNet services.
The LG CE500 is a clamshell mobile phone that supports the GSM 850/1800/1900Mhz bands, and is based largely on the LG M4300 previously announced at CeBIT for the European market. The CE500 features dual color displays, EDGE high speed data, a speakerphone, a built-in VGA camera with video recording capability, stereo speakers, and keys on the outside of the flip to control music playback. It also supports microSD (previously known as TransFlash) memory cards for storage expansion
  Firefly mobile phone now available

The kid friendly Firefly pre-paid Mobile phone is now out in Target's everywhere. The phone is aimed at kids from 8-12 whose parent don't want them to have a regular cellphone but would still like a way for their kids to be able to get a hold of them if need be. The parents can pre-program the phone with up to 22 outgoing numbers so the kids can call only who the parents let them call. Target is selling the phone for $99 and that comes with 30 free airtime minutes.
  Eelctric bug zapper

Tis the season for bugs, flys, beatles and all other kinds of pesky bugs. Dispatch of them quickly with this Electric Fly Swatter. You basically swat the bug and then zap the life out of it.
The output power is relatively low, constituting no real hazard to humans or pets. Saying this, we do not recommend you touch the grills - quite a shock!! The insect zapper has no smell, and contains no poisonous or harmful materials.

It's safe for indoor or outdoor use. Praised as the most effective, convenient, and hygienic insect terminator, it leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after the kill.
  Opera Web will support BitTorrent
In an upcoming version, the Opera web browser will natively support Bittorent so it would be easier for users of the browser to pass it along. With so many people looking for alternatives to Internet Explorer these days, it easy to see how Opera's servers got hit pretty hard with their last release.
The upcoming Opera 8.0.2, now available in a test version, will try to make BitTorrent downloads seamless, just like any other download using HTTP or FTP for transfers. The exception is the appearance of a warning that users will be sharing content they receive.
Wednesday, July 13, 2005
  Boost your cellphone signal with your car
The Wireless In-Vehicle amplifier boosts (or so they say) your cell phone's signal by 10x, giving you a lot of more range before your signal goes dead. I wonder if something like this could be built in automobiles standard so that all of those vehicles could acts as boosters.
It works with most current carrier protocols (Analog/AMPS, CDMA, TDMA & GSM) at 800 & 1900 MHz and is compatible with Bluetooth technology. It provides gain in both the transmit & receive paths. No special programming is required as the unit automatically recognizes the carrier's protocol. The wireless in-vehicle amplifier has automatic gain control of both the uplink & downlink paths to prevent any external oscillation due to antenna installation variations.
  Shareholders all for the merging of Sprint, Nextel Merger
99.8 percent of the Nextel shareholders and 96 percent of the Sprint shareholders approved the proposed Sprint and Nextel Merger. Next in line for approval is the FCC and the Justice Department.
  Pimp your Mouse
Break out of the everyday mouse monotony with the Car Mouse from Logisys.
This "Car" mouse has 2 LED headlights which light up when the mouse is powered. It was 4 tinted blue windows so you can see through the mouse. When you move the mouse, the stop lights/tail lights will also light up. A special design for hand comfort.
  Sony recalls LCD tvs
Sony is recalling 16,000 LCD televisons sold between November 2003 and May 2005 becuase the tvs can cause an electric discharge. No injuries have been reported yet but it must be pretty dangerous, or have the potential to be, since the recall is going to cost Sony around $2.7 million.
  Vlogging getting closer to mainstream
Vlogging is such an awakward name. It dosn't exactly roll off the tounge. Either eay, Wired has one the first part in their three part series on Video Blogging...Vidogging? Bloggdeo? hmmm, no....
  Get physical with your music

Probably not for people with nervous ticks, the MusicCube let's user control their music library thru movement, even adjusting the sound. Now you don't have to dance alone.
The user can assign a predefined color to a given play list. Shake the cube to activate it: the four color side lights will come on, indicating the cube is ready for interaction. A play list can be selected by placing the color side of the desired play list upwards.
Rotating the top button allows scrolling through the songs in the play list. Shaking the cube activates the shuffle mode. Placing the cube with the top button facing downwards and pressing will "switch off" the device.
  Customize your laptop with hip stickers

Give your laptop some of your custom deisgn funk with a sticker that covers the top "lid" of your laptop. Schtickers even makes stickers for iPods too. The deigns don't look half bad either.
  AOL, XM and AEG join forces
Since AOL was able to deliver seve Live 8 feeds to millions of people without a hitch, they are going to be teaming up with XM radio and concert area owner AEG, to form Network Live. A company that will specialize in bringing video content to net users.
Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  NetfFlix coming out some kind of player
In some kind of slip up, a Netflix user (and probably others) noticed what may be a sneak peak of what kind of functionality Netlfix is planning on adding next for their users.
I just noticed in my account info page, there is a section for "Netflix Player" with a link to "Register Player". If I follow the link, there is a form to "Add a Netflix Player", and it asks for "Registration ID" and "Name your box". I haven't noticed this before. I wonder if this is a new service that they are rolling out. Could this be something to do with movies-on-demand? Or do they have a netflix-branded movie player of some kind? Interesting....
So an over-the-internet movie player of sorts? Would it be something that costs extra or be standard for current members? Who knows but something's coming.
  From the makers of The Glass Horse comes the glass Dog
Horse intestine lovers, Glass Horse LLC, are coming out with a Glass Dog series. The new interactive CD-ROM will include looks into a Dog's abdomen and thorax with other series to follow, giving aspiring vets everywhere the chance to get out these animals insides that they probably wouldn't normally be able to see.
Researchers from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine...plan to release a dog CD-ROM this fall. They're also planning to update their existing 3-D look at the horse's gastrointestinal system. The products, apparently the only ones of their kind for animals, are designed for veterinary students.
  Roller Coaster packs more tech than you can shake a stick at

The Top Thrill Dragster coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio uses all kind of technology to help give riders a safer ride as well as the perfect ride. Taking into account every little change about every launch to make sure things go smoothly. As long as the coaster doesn't sprout a mind of it's own and shoot me off the sharpest turn, I'm all good.
So data ranging from the velocity of the roller coaster car at the top of the tower to wind speed and direction (taken from an anemometer atop the tower) are collected on every ride and analyzed using proprietary software developed for Cedar Point. After every third launch, the data are averaged and compared with historic launch data in an effort to create that perfect ride - the roller coaster must go fast enough to clear the top of the tower, but slow to between 7 and 15 mph in order to give riders the maximum lift effect at the top.
  T-Mobile releases the RAZR V3

T-Mobile has unleashed the Mototrola RAZR V3 upon the RAZR loving masses which signals the end of Cingular's exlusive right to be the only ones selling the RAZR. It comes with all of the basic (to us) features and nothing too exciting, it's a Quad-band GSM phone that is Bluetooth enabled and has a VGA camera.
  Perfect companion to the air guitar, the air drum sticks

Who really needs an acutal drum to have a complete drum kit anyway. For only $52 you too can have some fancy drumsticks that make drum noises for you when you "drum" the air. Cool, yes. $52 worth of cool, you be the judge.
Each of these wicked electric drumsticks has a speaker in its base, and when you 'hit' the air with them, they make a great drum sound! Is this just us, or isn't this like everyone's dream come true?
  New HP printers print photos in 14 seconds

HP is launching it's new printers with technology that enables them to print a 4x6 inch photo in 14 seconds flat. But, of course, we can't have our cake and eat it too. The faster the photos print, the lower in qulaity they are.
As is usual with inkjet printers, the fastest printing mode means a trade-off in quality. Printing a 4x6 picture on the most durable paper at the highest quality setting would take 80 seconds even on the new printer. But analysts agreed that the 14-second prints would be more than good enough for most home users.
  A card reader that reads all cards

There really isn't a card that this reader doesn't like. From a company called Owltech, the USB 2, Japan only reader (going to be released in mid-July) reads and accepts these formats: Sony's Memory Stick PRO Duo and Mini SD cards as well as the xD-Picture Card ; xD-Picture Card Type M ; Memory Stick PRO ; Memory Stick ; SD Memory Card ; Multimedia Card ; MicroDrive ; CompactFlash Type I ; CompactFlash Type II ; CompactFlash Type II HDD ; SmartMedia (3.3V) ; Memory Stick PRO Duo ; Memory Stick Duo ; RS-MMC and the Mini SD Card. Woah.
Monday, July 11, 2005
  View your cell phone movies on a big screen
U.S.-based MicroOptical Corp. Kopin Corp. is hooking up with French Telecom OrangeSA to roll out a mobile phone service that will allow users to subscribe to and view movies and thru special glasses that makes it seem like your watching the movies on a big screen. I don't get whether these headphones are service specific or if you can use them with any provider, but they're cool none the less.
MicroOptical’s video eyewear contains two of Kopin’s full-color, QVGA-resolution (320 x 240) CyberDisplay 230K microdisplays. The sleek eyewear allows users to privately view large-size video or pictures equivalent to a 12-inch screen as seen from three feet away, yet simultaneously view their surroundings thanks to the small size of the frame and MicroOptical’s patented optics which allow the user to see around the screen. Europe’s AFP news wire service called the bundled technology “a sure fire hit,” saying that the eyewear’s “big screen effect” is stunning, especially when combined with built-in stereo earpieces.
  Arizona School ditching textbooks for laptops
A high school in Vail, Arizona is switching out their textbooks for wireless laptops for all of their 350 students. The laptops are going to cost $850 per student which isn't too much more expensive than the $500-$600 the textbooks were costing. Superintendant of Vail Unififed School District Calvin Baker is planning on having 750 students going to their fast-growing high school eventually. He's really into getting laptops for the student too,
I'm sure there are going to be some adjustments. But we visited other schools using laptops. And at the schools with laptops, students were just more engaged than at non-laptop schools.
  The triple pistol vase

For the Scarface lover in all of us (not because this was in the movie or anything) comes the Gun Vase. Made of three ceramic pistols for all your gotta-put-this-in-a-vase needs. [gadgetryblog]
  Google invests in broadband company
Google, Goldman, Sachs & Co. and Hearst have invested (collectively) up to $100 million in Broadband over Power Line (BPL) company Current Communications Group. While right now, Current is a BPL provider only in Cincinnati, thre have been talks that they're looking to expnad by buying other utility companies. What's cool about BPL is that since it runs through your power lines, you don't have to do any extra cabeling and it turns any device plugged into a wall socket, a web-enabled device. Oh, and it's 1.5 tiomes faster than cable too :)
Thursday, July 07, 2005
  Turn your bike into a bike-tent
Trying to do your best Lance Armstrong impression and feel like your about to pass out? Now you can pass out on the side of the road out after you wip out your new Topeak Bikamper (get it? bike + camper = cool * 10). The $219 Bikamper uses your bike to prop up the tent, eleminating the need to carry any pesky poles or stakes around. All that, and it's waterproof. Nice.
n essence the Bikamper is a personal shelter that utilizes the bicycle frame
and front wheel in place of conventional tent poles. The main body of the Bikamper
is constructed of durable, waterproof coated 45D ripstop nylon and features three
mesh windows for ventilation and stargazing on pleasant nights.

The Bikamper fly is constructed of fully waterproofed 70D ripstop nylon and offers an
additional layer of protection. Both body and fly pack down to a tiny,
space saving size and weigh a feathery 1350 grams.

  Google shows Firefox some love

The official Google toolbar is now available for FireFox users everywhere! Get down with the Google and fox and surf the net like it's going out of style.
  Morgan Freeman to bring movies to the web
Morgan Freeman led (can this guy do it all or what!) Revelations Entertainment and Intel announced that they were forming a company called ClickStar Inc to help bring movies to the net in a way that makes it easier to buy them than to just pirate them. Good luck with that. It is encouraging to see them addressing the piracy issue earlier in the game than the Music industry did.
  Gartner digs Google
Citing their recent Google Video offerings, lovers-of-research Gartner see Google as being the best thing since sliced bread and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. They recommend that anyone who wants to be an online -video player begin experimenting with the Google service now to get your infrastructure down.
Google's offering differentiates itself from its competitors through its vision and its application of technology. The new service is a sign to creators of premium content that Google is dedicated to building a robust technology infrastructure to serve video to consumers. Premium content includes movies, TV programs and so-called "long tail" content (niche content that can build up significant market share over time). Google is committed to being open to all digital rights management (DRM) formats. The company is working on its own DRM format offering, which will likely tie directly into Google's planned online payment system. With searching, indexing, playback and payment, Google would be the first company to offer a viable online video ecosystem.
  Sprint plays catch up
Sprint finally decides to begin rolling out their mobile high speed EV-DO service this month, a year and a half after Verizon began offering their broadband service. So I guess speed to market isn't really all that important.
  People on the street bring the latest news
Yahoo has an article up on how digital cameras and video cameras are giving people the chance to capture images that reporters wouldn't be able to get. Giving the rest of the world a picture into that specific moment in time.
Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The EasyTech SafeTrek system is a �hub� of modular digital devices that all link together wirelessly and use a standard power supply so climbers (even wannabes) don�t have to carry 10 different devices, batteris for all of them and all the wires that come with them.
The whole system is controlled, via a single "intuitive interface protocol", by input controls designed for mountaineering conditions, such as the operable thumb of a thermal glove (the thumb acts as a joystick). A head-mounted display is the main output monitor. The hub automatically recognises any new element added and incorporates it in the system.
  Tough times ahead for T-Mobile
While Verizon and Sprit begin to roll out their high speed networks, T-Mobile is facing the hardship that is upgrading your infrastructure from the old GSM European standard to the high speed capable 3G. The upgrade could costs the Zeta-Jones lovers as much as $10 billion dollars. CDMA advocate Nordgaard states,
Adding to T-Mobile's dilemma is that the European version of CDMA (WCDMA, also called UMTS) requires 10 MHz (2 x 5 MHz) for the initial RF carrier...In order to deploy this, T-Mobile will either have to carve this spectrum out of its existing holdings, which are already taxed, or purchase additional spectrum at auction.
  Cooling headband for those who miss the 80s

Get some summer time heat relief with this headband that apprently has some sort of cooling effect which lasts for 30-60 minutes. Wear this or get in a pool, or do the same time!
  Apple lovers manicure

For the Apple user in you comes the "I am Steve Jobs' B!TCH" manicure [warrenellis]
  AOL is getting good at streaming video
AOL didn't even flinch when their streams of Live 8 concerts drew over 5 million unique viewers last Saturday, setting a record for AOL. At peak viewing time, 175,000 people were streaming feeds at the same time. AOL didn't have anywhere near a hard time providing video for that many users, making it easier for people to enjoy Live 8 thru AOL versus watching it on tv.
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Don't like your nose? Fix it yourself!

For about $18, you too can buy a HanaHana nose pincher that can supposedly reshape your gawd-awful mess of a nose
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