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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  Roller Coaster packs more tech than you can shake a stick at

The Top Thrill Dragster coaster at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky, Ohio uses all kind of technology to help give riders a safer ride as well as the perfect ride. Taking into account every little change about every launch to make sure things go smoothly. As long as the coaster doesn't sprout a mind of it's own and shoot me off the sharpest turn, I'm all good.
So data ranging from the velocity of the roller coaster car at the top of the tower to wind speed and direction (taken from an anemometer atop the tower) are collected on every ride and analyzed using proprietary software developed for Cedar Point. After every third launch, the data are averaged and compared with historic launch data in an effort to create that perfect ride - the roller coaster must go fast enough to clear the top of the tower, but slow to between 7 and 15 mph in order to give riders the maximum lift effect at the top.
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