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Thursday, July 07, 2005
  Turn your bike into a bike-tent
Trying to do your best Lance Armstrong impression and feel like your about to pass out? Now you can pass out on the side of the road out after you wip out your new Topeak Bikamper (get it? bike + camper = cool * 10). The $219 Bikamper uses your bike to prop up the tent, eleminating the need to carry any pesky poles or stakes around. All that, and it's waterproof. Nice.
n essence the Bikamper is a personal shelter that utilizes the bicycle frame
and front wheel in place of conventional tent poles. The main body of the Bikamper
is constructed of durable, waterproof coated 45D ripstop nylon and features three
mesh windows for ventilation and stargazing on pleasant nights.

The Bikamper fly is constructed of fully waterproofed 70D ripstop nylon and offers an
additional layer of protection. Both body and fly pack down to a tiny,
space saving size and weigh a feathery 1350 grams.

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