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Friday, September 07, 2007
  Goodbye Apple HiFi

We never really knew ye and it sounds like no one else really did either. Apple never publicly released any sales figures for the device but honestly, do you know anyone who's bought one or even thought about buying one recently? Exactly.

source: Engadget

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Thursday, September 06, 2007
  The iPod Touch does not have bluetooth

Despite what the vast internets may claim, an Apple spokesperson confirmed today that the iPod touch will not come packing any kind of Bluetooth compatibility.

No Bluetooth means no wireless Bluetooth earphones, headsets, microphones or any of that tomfoolery. Bummer.

source: boingboing gadgets

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  Steve Jobs to whiny first adapters "Fine, we'll give you a $100 credit"

So Steve Jobs and his band of merry men dropped $200 off of the retail price of 8GB iPhone. Early adopters everywhere bitched and moaned about how they felt betrayed. Jobs and co. felt enough of the heat to announce today that they will be giving people an $100 of Apple or At&t store credit to ease the burden of upgrading. Yeah, because the people who could afford to plop $600 on a cell phone could really use the break.

source: Apple

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  Sony's α700 exposed

AkihabaraNews was at Sony's press conference for their new α700 DLSR camera and they took a whole load of pictures. It's basically the perfect and somewhat pricey camera for the photography hobbyist or enthusiast or anyone who has a soft spot for a serious camera. From the presser

Like Sony’s mainstream DSLR-A100 model, the new A700 unit incorporates Super SteadyShot® Inside image stabilization in the camera body and is compatible with most Minolta Maxxum® mount lenses in addition to Sony lenses.

“Discerning photo enthusiasts will be impressed with the rugged construction and outstanding performance of the A700, said Phil Lubell, director of marketing for digital cameras at Sony Electronics. “We also expect that this new camera will re-define the post-capture experience with HDMI™ output for high-quality playback of images on high-definition televisions.”

Woah. It even comes with an HDMI output port fer cryin out loud! As for prices...

The DSLR-A700 camera body, DT 16 – 105 mm lens, and DT 18-250 mm lens will be available for about $1,400, $580 and $550, respectively. The DSLR-A700K kit with an 18-70 mm lens will be available for about $1,500, and the DSLR-A700P kit with the 16-105 mm lens will be available for about $1,900. The camera body and DSLR-A700K kit will ship in October and the DSLR-A700P kit in November.

source: AkihabaraNews


  The Alienware HD Media Server

At the CEDIA EXPO 2007 today in Denver, Alienware officially unleashed the specs on their first ever media server. Officially titled "The Alienware HD Media Server",the box itself gives us, the oh so needy consumer, not only the ability to store tons of high def content, but also the ability to output that content in a pretty decent resolution.

The ultimate media server for the digital home of tomorrow, Alienware's new HD Media Server comes loaded with up to four terabytes of hot-swappable hard drive storage. The system enables the recording and playing back of high definition content at up to 1080p via an HDMI output, supports internal cable card (OCUR), and features a Dolby Digital 7.1 preamp output.

I likes.


  Little Penguin portable USB drives

These 1GB USB Flash Drives would make perfect gifts for those out there who are into devices that are almost too cute. The USB penguins will cost you around $34 a pop and will come in the colors shown.

source tfts


  HP's serious smart phones

Serious smart phones for serious people right? The new Windows Mobile 6 Sporting HP iPaq 610 Business Navigator and push e-mailing HP iPaq 910 Business Manager look pretty heavy duty to me. Maybe it's the rough edges or something but for some reason, looking at these makes me want to go climb rocks.

source: cnet


  Microsoft's Lifetouch Project

A few of the Ars Technica ilk had a chance to recently chat with Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs researcher Daniel Wigdor about the Microsoft, Mitsubishi and Unv of Toronto's LifeTouch project.

Not only is it another attempt to create an awesome multi-touch user interface, it's also semi-transparent.

source: ArsTechnica

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  Ducati Extreme Memory Cards and USB Drives

Apparently these Ducati Extreme Flash Memory devices recently unveiled by SanDisk can withstand the harsh climates of the North and South Poles, just in case you either ever need to use a digital camera there and/or have a real and immediate urge to store some data on a portable USB drive.

The compact flash memory card will come in 4GB and 8GB sizes and the USB Flash Memory drive will come packing 4GB of space...I think. I'm just going off of Google's translation of the source site. Check it out for yourself.

source: Watch Impress

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  Apple launches new iPods, Toshiba announces new hard drives

Hmm, the same day (give or take) that Apple announces the new and improved iPod Classics with the relatively monstrous hard disks, Toshiba announces new, iPod Classic-sized (1.8 inches) hard disks that just happen to be 80GB and 160GB. The same sizes the new iPod Classics will come in. Coincidence? I think not!

source: Watch Impress via Engadget

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
  A good look at the new iPod Nano

Here's an email I just got from Apple that does a pretty good job of showing off the new iPod Nano. It's so chubby!


  Rahul Sood unveils the Blackbird 002

Voodoo PC co-founder Rahul Sood showed off his and HP's new soon-to-be-heavily-lusted-after Blackbird 002 uber PC rig tonight in New York. Gizmodo has the video up and it's a bit long, but filled with awesome metal/PC pr0n. I wants it. All that metal and power and I'll be damned if the case door doesn't just pop right off. Brilliant!

source: Gizmodo

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  Microsoft unleashes new extenders for Vista

Microsoft announced the new version 2 Windows Media Center extenders today, that basically give hardware vendors the ability to provide the Windows Media Center experience on non-PC devices. Kind of like the AppleTv, only not. Will anyone go for it? I'd say probably around the same number of folks who went for the version 1 extenders. Wha? You didn't either? Exactly.

source: Cnet
pic: engadget


  iPhones selling like hot cakes at Apple Stores

Not that this is any kind of surprising but it's still an interesting note. Apple stores are selling more iPhones than AT&T stores at a factor of 7 to 1. Ouch. This just goes to prove that know matter what they're selling, AT&T stores can never be cool.

source: TUAW

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  new iTunes lets you create custom ringtones, for a price

Jobs also announced a new version of iTunes at the Apple event today. This new version will let you create custom ringtones out of the music you bought via iTunes and for only $0.99 at that! There's nothing better than paying to be able to use the music I have already paid for. Laim.

The ringtones can last anywhere from 12 to 21 seconds and will sync automatically with your iPhone.

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  new iPod, cheaper iPhone and all sorts of other madness
Today Steve Jobs unveiled a host of new Apple hawtness at their "And the Beat Goes On" special event. I've decided to break it down into some simple, easy to digest bits because that's how I like it. Let's git'er dun

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