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Thursday, July 21, 2005
  Miragraphy coming to a mirror near you, if you live in Japan

Hitachi announced that have created a mirror that can also function as a computer display. Odd that in the pictures they show, you don't see any wires. I know there will be wires you tease! From RFID in Japan,
It combines a half mirror and a diffusion film to directly display digital information (text, photos, video, tv shows, websites, flash movies etc.) on a mirror surface using an LCD projector. This technology, called Miragraphy, also integrates sensors, RFID readers, barcode readers, cameras, etc. So, the mirror can automatically respond when people are aruond and personalize digital contents based on their sensed identities.
I wonder if you could make this one giant touchscreen as well. I would think that having it be a touch-sensitive screen would be something of a default feature since it wouldn't be too useful if you had to go use a mouse to move things around on your mirror. [also seen on popgadget]
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