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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  NetfFlix coming out some kind of player
In some kind of slip up, a Netflix user (and probably others) noticed what may be a sneak peak of what kind of functionality Netlfix is planning on adding next for their users.
I just noticed in my account info page, there is a section for "Netflix Player" with a link to "Register Player". If I follow the link, there is a form to "Add a Netflix Player", and it asks for "Registration ID" and "Name your box". I haven't noticed this before. I wonder if this is a new service that they are rolling out. Could this be something to do with movies-on-demand? Or do they have a netflix-branded movie player of some kind? Interesting....
So an over-the-internet movie player of sorts? Would it be something that costs extra or be standard for current members? Who knows but something's coming.
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