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Monday, July 18, 2005
  Who knew...Microsoft is slow?
Why am I the last to know!?! Microsoft's last link to cool, Senior Scobleizer put up a post on how Microsoft isn't getting the VC love or the new-hot-girl-on-campus action that open source projects have been getting. Basically, Microsoft over-promised on .Net and has under-delivered to an extent, so far. Before you .Net purists comment bomb this oh so fragile blog, I think (thought?).Net is kewl. But not Ruby on Rails kewl. RoR (shout-out to the acronym lovers out there) is just flat out hot. Ruby on Rails is so cool that a new cream of MVC(another shout-out!)-style framworks have begun popping up for other improtant programming languages. I promote and sponsor (with nothing but good vibes) Ruby on Rails for many reason, but number one has to be the community. The man who concocted Ruby on Rails is still able to post answers and comments to the Ruby on Rails mailing list along with other RoR heavyweights. Number two would be the sheer readability most likely because of Ruby, the language behind the framework. Being the small time programmer I am, I would have to say that it wasn't intimidating at all to look at some RoR code, even on the first day I began to look more into it. Perl makes me want to puke and java makes me head hurt. While building apps are fun and all, I'm a bit turned off by the " 2.0-features-that-you-might-be-able-to-use-in-production-in-Febuary Summer winter" ugh. I got tired at looking at all of the upcoming 2.0 features but not being able to implement anything until it's released. With RoR, you hear about the kewl stuff you can do, after a build is released and the community eventually digs deeper and deeper into the code. It's blowin my mind man. With the Ajax coolness (brought to you by prototype.js and unleashed in the latest build, how can you not be giddy with excitement? I mean, Ajaxiness just started reaching mass hysteria recently (thank you Google) and already I can partake in the festivities? It's a good time to jump in the web developer pool ladies and gents. The water's fine...if a little warm next to the guy with the J2EE speedo on (zing!).
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