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Monday, July 18, 2005
  iPod to get video?

No.friggin.shitte (pronounced shyte, you know, like your british). Expect all digital audio players to follow. It's surprising that this seems to be such a shock to people. The next big question would be, what comes after the video? Video just seems like a natural progression for a device that can play audio and show pictures. Once it hops on the moving picture bandwagon, what will the iPod do next? It can't do much on the price front, there are a few portable video players available for those with a "I bought the iPod as soon as it came out"-price range but a little pricey for the "do you think i can get an iPod at WalMart for cheaper" set. Maybe we'll get an iVideo shuffle or something. Who cares as long as purty and soft and makes you look cool. I know that I'll be there when the iPod video comes out, jerking it out all over town. Oh yeah.
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