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Thursday, July 07, 2005
  Gartner digs Google
Citing their recent Google Video offerings, lovers-of-research Gartner see Google as being the best thing since sliced bread and Sony Ericsson mobile phones. They recommend that anyone who wants to be an online -video player begin experimenting with the Google service now to get your infrastructure down.
Google's offering differentiates itself from its competitors through its vision and its application of technology. The new service is a sign to creators of premium content that Google is dedicated to building a robust technology infrastructure to serve video to consumers. Premium content includes movies, TV programs and so-called "long tail" content (niche content that can build up significant market share over time). Google is committed to being open to all digital rights management (DRM) formats. The company is working on its own DRM format offering, which will likely tie directly into Google's planned online payment system. With searching, indexing, playback and payment, Google would be the first company to offer a viable online video ecosystem.
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