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Thursday, September 07, 2006
  How Facebook can do right...
After my post this morning about the recent Facebook debacle, I started to think about why these Facebookers are so upset. Did they not know how to properly use Facebook? Don't they know they can opt to not share certain information? But wait, does it matter what I think since I'm not an active user? I realized that it doesn't. I can sit back and alayze all I want, the reality is, there's a subset of Facebook users that are pissed off. I think started to think about what Facebook should do. "I've been Tuesday morning quaterbacking all morning, why stop now?" I thought. First off, Facebook needs to engage these ticked off users. Go to them and tell the users how Facebook cares and listen to why they're upset about these new features. Next, make it easy to learn how to use these feeds properly and address the users security concerns. Maybe a few screencasts showcasing how your information isn't readily available for everyone. Lastly, keep the community engaged. Inform them of every change Facebook is making in relation to these features. I like what Scoble suggested about not only catering to the big bloggers but to anyone who has recently said anything about Facebook. I don't agree that Facebook should turn off these new features since this seems to be a big miscommunication between Facebook and their userbase. I think Facebook just needs to communicate better on how these feeds can be used and how they are governed by your privacy settings. Get some dialog going is all I'm saying, and educate.
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