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Friday, September 08, 2006
  Amazon, Unboxed

Amazon quietly launched their video service "Unbox" recently and it's not that different from the other video download services out there. I'm thinking that due to it's somewhat quiet launch, they wanted to just get it out the door asap before Apple's alleged iTunes Movie downloads service was available. You can rent or flat out buy the movies but it was unclear to me whether all movies gave you that choice. To either rent them or download them. Unsurprisingly, the downloaded videos come "protected" with DRM so you can't burn these videos to a DVD and watch them on a TV. You can burn them to a DVD but only for backup purposes since they won't play in any DVD player. Amazon does have an unintentionally hilarious "how to" explaining how to watch these Amazon videos on your TV by connecting your PC to your TV. Hilarious in a "I-gotta-do-all-that-to-watch-a-video-I-purchased-on-my-TV?" kind of way. To watch these video, you'll also have to be using a PC and you'll need to install their video player software.

UPDATE: looks like you can crack Amazon's Unbox drm with FairUse4WM. There's been some recent drama in regards to this tool which you can read about here.
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