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Saturday, August 26, 2006
  Yahoo opens up site in prep for Hack Day
Yahoo is going to be throwing a Hack Day Saturday, September 30. They event really begins the day before on the 29th though. Yahoo will be hosting an all day developer workshop where I'm assuming they'll be going through the ins and outs of how to hack their data. Unfortunately, from reading the Hack Day site itself, it seems like you have to be invited...

Now we're opening up Yahoo! itself to a select group of hackers and special guests for a weekend festival of hacking, camping (yes, the tents-in-the-outdoors kind--we have really, really nice grass!), music, and good times.

But Techcrunch seems to spin it being more open than that...

If you are a developer, and have an idea for a cool one-day hack project, this will definitely be a fun event for you.

Sort of implying that if you can think of a good idea, you can participate. Hmmm. It doesn't matter to me either way because I most likely wouldn't be able to go if I wanted to (I'm no one special :( ) but it would be good for others to get that clarification.

The event will last all day that Saturday, with judges giving out prizes to the coolest hacks. Michael Arrington is set to be a guest speaker and he seems pretty keen on the whole Hack day premise itself since he had such a good time last year. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of Hack Day this year.
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