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Sunday, August 20, 2006
  Why the hiatus?
Well, my blogging has been in the toilet for a long time and for the two people that used to read this blog, I apologize. Why did I take off for so long? I decided to jump into the whole web app game and mix it up with these other techcrunchin companies. So, I deicded to teach myself how to program with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Man, it's been a wild ride but it's been fun and I'm not done yet. I've caught the bug and I'm out for more :) The fruit of my labor thus far is my little recipe management and all around cooking resource tool I affectionately refer to as Cookmor. Is it where I want it to be, no. But it will be. I just figured I'd let the world know why the blogging stopped at tech-hawg. And now it will continue :)
Welcome back.
Thanks :)
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