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Thursday, August 24, 2006
  Wablet for serious IMers
Web IM service Wablet is still in private beta but they plan on opening up to 500 accounts in the next few weeks. Why is does Wablet deserve a mention, well because they're attempting to do some pretty serious integrating of all the majority IM clients. Not only will you because to chat with and connect through all of your IM accounts by using Wablet, the service will also let you set up different profiles that can be viewed by different types of people. For example, your buddies visiting your personal site can have access to your more relaxed profile while people attempting to chat with you via your companies site will get a more professional profile for you. You can even separately manage your presence settings for each profile. With Wablet, you can also build up reputation points by just using the service and letting people rate you thumbs up or down. The company also plans on releasing a public API to give Flash developers a chance to improve the service. Always a good thing.

As far as making money goes, the company plans to market the service to business CRM users as well for whom they'll have certain packages business user would be able to buy from them. Will it take enough and be well enough received for the company to be successful? With such a rich feature set, I don't see why not.
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