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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  The Verizon LG "Chocolate" VX8500, good but not great

According to this review of the much-hyped Verizon LG VX8500, aka the "Chocolate", cell phone, the phone itself is pretty slick looking but it's missing some basic functionality and has a some minor usability issues. First off, there is no speakphone functionality. Second, the reveiwers found it a bit easy to accidentally fire off a call with how sensative the navigation buttons on the front of the phone were. It does come with all of the flashy Verizon features, EV-DO, the ability to download music (from their servers only), Bluetooth and even a microSD slot. That's all well and good but a big turnoff for me is the ability to transfer mp3s from my computer to the phone. Matter of fact, I need to dedicate a post just for my dissatisfaction with Verizon.
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