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Thursday, August 24, 2006
  Real-time traffic info on your mobile

Atlanta based IntelliOne is an up and comer who's hoping to better improve the traffic monitoring market. How their service works is dependant on IntelliOne having access to as many phones as possible by partnering with all of the major carriers. Their partners haven't been announced yet but hopefully, they'll be well recieved. Why? Becuase their traffic information could be fast and accurate. How they work is pretty unique, their servers pick up your cell phone calls and track your phone's location and movement. From this preview:

IntelliOne's software gets an ID number and latitude/longitude, by comparing the position data points of records with the same ID with the time stamp, speed and heading can be calculated with some simple calculus. Stretches of roads are sliced into chunks and averages can be calculated for each segment. Data is delivered to the user within 2 minutes, much faster than with previous monitoring methods.

As cool as this sounds, despite the privacy concerns, don't expect to be getting this information anytime soon. The only market using the service so far is Tampa. IntelliOne is planning on adding the top thirty markets by the end of next year and the top 75 markets by the end of 2008.
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