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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
  Podango puts a spin on podcasts
Podango is going to make listening to podcasts a little more like listening to the radio. Although in this case it would be more like a station personalized to your tastes that only includes what you want to hear. From techcrunch:

Podango will recruit station directors, who in turn will recruit podcasters for their channels, manage the channel using an Ajax drag and drop admin interface, and help recruit advertisers. The hope is that listeners will gain from having a person select the best podcasts for a given category as well as avoid dead air time since shows will be queued one-after-another. Podcasters will gain an audience. Station Directors will have a chance to make “$25K to $250K a year or more.

Once they launch, their service could pick up pretty quickly, I can already think of a few channels I would subscribe to. This could also make it easier for advertisers to sneak ads inbetween shows. This is good for the podcasters themselves, which will open up a revenue stream for them and make it easier to monitize their content. That's always good. As long as the ads don't get to current radio level proportions, I'll be happy :)
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