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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
  Nimbuzz for mobiles does basically everything

Nimbuzz is basically attemping to revolutionize what you can do from your mobile with their application. Nimbuzz is so feature-rich, it's almost ridiculous. Almost, but not quite. Nimbuzz will let you communiate with other mobile devices and even PCs through various means, for free. Basically, Nimbuzz will let you call, chat or text message back and forth between PCs and mobile devices. This is a way for mobile users to get access to some Skype-like functionality (and some) for their mobiles. I wonder how many carriers are going to actively block these program. I know someone will since that's what they do. Any company or innovation that limits a current or potential revenue stream, they don't like. That's not all carriers though so we'll see if Nimbuzz can reach a good penetration point since getting as many people as possible to use there software will be paramount to their success.
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