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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
  A new way to look at Google'sonline Office suite
Here's another way to look at why Google could be trying to achieve with their whole online suite of office like products, and it makes pretty good sense. Basically, Google isn't trying to replace Microsoft's Word of Excel with their Google Spreadsheet and Writely (and other office-type web apps), but they're aiming to make it easier to embed data from these apps into other applications. Similar to how basically everyone now an days is embedding YouTbe videos into their MySpace sites and/or blog posts. I never really thought of these Google apps in this context but it does make sense. Wouldn't it be great to pull some data out of a Google Spreadsheet and embed it into a blog post or someother site? Giving you that basic spreadsheet functionality in your site? You can kind of already see that this is the direction Google is heading towards with Writely and how you can integrate it into your blog. These type of paste-it functionality you can't really get from desktop apps. Each desktop app isn't it's own server that has it's own API that it could use to do this. Could a desktop app communicate back to a main server and provide this functionality? Perhaps, and maybe that's where Ray Ozzie is going to take Microsoft. Who knows but this age of easy embedability is going to create all kinds of interesting solutions.
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