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Wednesday, August 23, 2006
  KidSmart smoke alarm...

I thought this was interesting. Apparently some studies have shown that most modern smoke alrams aren't effective enough in waking up your kids when there's a fire. What those researchers did find was that children repsonded a lot better to their parent's own voice. The solution that Ergo guys came up is an alarm that they've dubbed the KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarm. From their site:

The KidSmart® Vocal Smoke Alarm also allows you to provide customized fire escape instructions to your child that are replayed when the alarm sounds. This helps alleviate the child's fears and utilizes your calming voice to motivate your child into following your pre-practiced escape plan.


Have you ever seen that SNL faux-commercial for the rockin' to the 80s smoke detector?

There's a fire and "Gloria" starts playing on the smoke detector.

"OOouuu.. I love that song!" Says the woman that's about to die in the fire because she can't stop groovin' to the 80s tunes.
I remember! That was a funny skit.
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