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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  Hullo bring free VOIP

The apparently still in beta Hullo is currently offering free VOIP to the masses (who live in the continental US or Canada). According to the FAQ page, this won't always be the case and they plan on offering a mix of free and pay-for services after they get out of beta so hurry up and go use it! Some of the unique features they're offering are the ability to easily initiate a group chat by dragging and dropping the contact you want to chat with onto your Hullo client. They even give you the ability to use Hullo from any phone. You just tell Hullo the phones you are going to be using and it will redirect your calls. The only downside, as with most VOIP services, is that it's not really a good service to make an emergency 911 call from. With Hullo you just can't, from their site:

WARNING: hullo does not support calls to any emergency number or emergency service (e.g. 211, 911, 999, etc.). To perform these calls please make sure to use a landline telephone or a cellular phone.

This is by no fault of their own I'm sure and is the result of the old telecoms attempting to keep some sort of a monopoly. How is this fair though? Why can't we get some legislation passed that opens these protocols up? I know the old behemots don't really want any competition because they know they can't compete price wise but since they missed the VOIP boat, would do they desrve to be relevant today? Oh well, I can rant all I want and nothing will change, so in conclusion, Hullo is great for all calls spare 911 emergency calls. So don't get hurt or get in any trouble :)
Maybe I'll give it a try when SkypeOut turns back into a paid service at the end of the year.
You probably won't be the only one. Skype pretty much owns this space for now but these up and comers could steal much of Skype's thunder after Skype's free period.
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