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Monday, August 21, 2006
  The future of cell phones

Will we soon be using cell phones that have no buttons? We will if Pilotfish and Synaptics get their way. Their new Onyx cell phone prototype interprets certain gestures as opposed to depending on button presses. When you get a call, you simply lift the phone up to your cheek to answer it.

The handless cell phone may not be the only possible coming change to the cell phone market. Phones that are more customizable and more personal. Motorola's plan to add mood-ring type functionality to it's phones may be a good idea to capture the young and hip crowd. I think the kids would dig a phone that changed to a certain color depending on who's calling. I think now that the cell phone has such a deep penetration in our global culture, we'll begin to see some more radical designs and companies trying to advance the common cell phone's functionality and usage. I just want to be able to make and use my own ringtones without having to void any warranties, honestly.

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