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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
  Flickr's geotagging, 24 hrs later
Just 24 hours after Flickr unleashed their Geotagging feature set upon the world users geotagged 1,600,000(and counting) photos. That's in just 24 hours. I think that shows that users love this feature and Flickr did right by integrating it they way they did into their site. The only real complaint seems to come from the international users, or users who are geotagging their foriegn country travelling photos. The maps in some of these out of the way places aren't as complete or dependable as the more popular locations. Flickr knows this but it's up to the Yahoo Maps team to flesh these maps out, something that Flickr reassures us that they're doing.

Flickr also added some API features to enable the pulling and adding of geo information and searching by location. There's also some new integration with the Yahoo owned too. Too cool, Flickr continues to lead and innovate and just kick @ss.
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