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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
  Ebay partners with Google
Ebay has choosen Google to help it sell international advertising that non-US users would see. While that's a big deal in itself (it kind of makes Microsoft's Facebook deal seem puny), it may also be a way for eBay to hopefully jumpstart Skype's earnings potential. You see, what Google will also be doing is giving these users who see these ads the oppotunity to call the advertisers directly through their pc via Skype, as opposed to having the users just click-through and vist that advertiser's website. The problem is, not everyone wants to make calls through their pc just yet:

But most of these tests so far, including those by Google, are focused on calling using regular phones, rather than calling by PC using services like Skype. Indeed, eStara, a company that provides pay-per-call advertising technology to companies including Verizon’s unit, offers both telephone and PC calling options. It has found that only 10 to 15 percent of people choose to talk using their computers, and that this proportion is not increasing.

Ouch. Hopefully the way Google integrates these ads in eBay will give eBay some hope that Skype can generate the big bucks they bought it for.
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