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Monday, August 28, 2006
  CrunchJobs set to take on all comers?
Michael Arrington comments on all these jobs sites popping up recently and how he tried to partner with them or team up with them in some way to create a more unique solution. Everyone turned him down but it's not stopping him from pressing on with his plans. By publicly letting us all know that this decentralized job board is where he wanted to go, he's going to get some major interest. Heck, Dave Winer even posted a comment saying that he would be willing to lend his help. Niall Kennedy comments on why these other job boards are actually better than Arrington is making them out to be:

Each site has their own core user base and any advertisements within are best when aimed for that audience. 37signals attracts Ruby developers, GigaOm attracts telecom types, and TechCrunch might attract JavaScript coders.

The success of each relies on the quality of the leads, not just the placement of a single listing. Each site should command a premium in their specialties, and over time the CPL/CPA will be evaluated for each.

Since all three companies target startups you provide value by providing the signal to noise that Monster cannot.

I think Niall is right, to an extent. Why not build an open service where you can give certain companies access to your API, from which they can specify the types of listings they wish to pull? A Java site can ping the job site for a list of Java related jobs or a design community site and ping the job site for a list of design jobs. So on and so forth. The sites who list these job have a revenue sharing deal with the main job site in which they get paid for every app submitted through the link on their site. I think this could very interesting and I hope someone builds it soon. If not, I'll have to build it myself.

Not sure how, but it seems to get every job from every where, every day.
Good point, I haven't taken a look at them in a few months but they seem to be doing apretty good job themselves.
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