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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
  Sony's first official Blu-ray enabled pc

Looks like Sony's first Blu-ray capable pc will be the Sony Vaio RC300 that will allow you to burn both dvd and Blu-ray discs. It's not mentioned whether that happens with one drive or not but either way, it sounds like this pc will be pretty hefty...

The VAIO® RC desktop PC is Sony’s first Blu-Ray™ enabled desktop.
This multimedia powerhouse is capable of playing back Blu-Ray™ movies in stunning clarity. Blu-Ray™ technology gives you the power to play and burn both DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™, as well as store a massive amount of data on a single disc (25GB to 50GB). Also capable of burning HD Camcorder content in its original 1080 high-definition resolution, the VAIO® RC300 series opens new doors in the ever-growing world of high definition.

The power you need for the most demanding A/V applications. Bringing you screaming-fast performance in a whisper-quiet environment. The Intel® Pentium® D dual-core processor delivers robust performance for running multiple, demanding applications simultaneously. RAID 0 Serial ATA hard drives deliver incredible hard-drive speeds, enabling multiple configurations for performance or mirroring. Advanced DDR2 memory provides ultra high-speed computing. PCI Express x16 video graphics capabilities enable cinematic-quality effects and color. Plus, the VAIO® RC Desktop is designed for expansion, with the capacity for up to an incredible 2TB of storage in multiple hard disk drives to help accommodate a large collection of high-quality media files.


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