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Monday, April 10, 2006
  First impressions of Krugle

Just got my access code to access the krugle beta. I had a few minutes to tinker around with it and first impressions are:

1. The "system" itself is pretty impressive, your search results load into the page (via an iframe maybe?) and it's very easy to quick add a tag or refine your search. Matter of fact, it's pretty easy to do anything you see a link for since the links rarely take you to another page. Why render a whole seperate page when all you need is a textbox or two (to email them a suggestion for a code repository to include for example)?

2. A lot of languages are covered but I didn't find much code specific to my fav web framework, Ruby on Rails. There was some Ruby content but not much in the way of Rails content, most likey due to the fact that RoR is a framework and not a "language" itself...per se.

Overall, it looks and works pretty sharp.
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