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Thursday, February 23, 2006
  some new iPod Accessories
I was snoopig around iLounge and found some must-have iPod accessoires. I consider them "must haves" because I hate wires and I drive a lot. The ones that I would spring for first would be TEN Technology's naviPlay Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset Kit (how about TTNBWSHK for short). I hate having my ear phones getting stuck or caught on what ever protruding object I happen to be walking by so wireless via the TTNBWSHK would be great. Being an iPod accessory, it doesn't hurt that the set looks sleek as all get out either.

Next up is Macally's three-in-one iPod kit for the road warrior. The accessory sits right in a cupholder from where it can emit your tunes via an FM channel as well as charge your iPod. All that from a cigaret lighter adapter. Good stuff. Now if I only had an iPod.

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