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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
  RIM lives to fight another day
Looks like Research in Motion (RIM) has won a victory in their battle over the patent infringement dispute that threatened to shut them down. While the Canadian Blackberry makers were fortunate in the US Patent and Trademark Office issuing a final rejection of the two claims that caused this whole mess, intellectual property expert, Robert Greene Sterne, still believe RIM is walking a very thin line...

On Wednesday Robert Greene Sterne, an intellectual property expert specialising in the electronics industry and who represents neither NTP nor RIM but has been following the case closely for his clients, said: "It is a mistake to assume that Judge Spencer will not shut down the Blackberry system soon after the February 24 hearing.

"RIM continues to play a dangerous game with its users and shareholders by not settling this dispute with NTP."

oh schnap.

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