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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
  Edgeio - ride the edge

Edgeio is taking the whole listings/classifieds business model one step further and by making it easier for those who have items to sell to integrate their listings into the edgeio site. But doesn't Craigslist already do this? To a certain extent. You can post to Craigslist the items or services (ahem) you have to sell but with edgeio, you can point edgeio at your site and say, "Here's my feed of superfly gear i'm selling...make me proud.". Then bam, you have your site on which your selling the schwag and edgeio is taking your feed and publishing your items on their site.

When searching for items, you can put in your city or state and it pulls up the items that are associated with that location. You can even broaden your search right from the results page by sliding out the slider to the right while you watch the search results update seamlessly (via ajax magic of course). You can do this sort of zooming in and out the scope of your results for anything that you've searched for. It works and looks pretty nice to boot.

The only gripes I have is that I wish there were more pictures to go along with the associated items but that probably has more to do with the content creators (the users) than the service itself. All in all, playing around with edgeio was a pleasant experience. It'll be interesting to see how large it gets and how it does with a lot of data.

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