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Friday, February 17, 2006
  Apple to sell out and switch to a Windows?
Woah. That would be some earth-shattering news. John Dvorak seems to think this could be in the process of happening already. His uses some interesting arguments, like how Apple has been so cut-throat in regard to keeping their secrets secret even when it comes to something small. They just don't want anyone digging as to not unearth the biggest whopper of them all. Another reason for Apple to go with Windows operating systems on their Macs, the fact that Macs are still not mainstream. Despite the iPod's best efforts, there hasn't really been a huge influx of Macs taking share from Windows-based pcs. There are some other arguments in the article, which you can read here but color me unconvinced...yet. I would think Apple would have to be pretty desperate to gain mainstream acceptance for them to make this switch. That being said, I would be all for an Apple-modified version of a Windows operating system. Maybe they could pump some OSX goodness into Vista. Doubt it but I can still dream.
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