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Friday, December 02, 2005
  TiVo unleashes new features
TiVo opened up some new services for their customers which allow user to buy movie tickets, share photos (like every other app these days), check local weather/traffic and even listen to podcasts and play games. It seems a bit desperate to add all of this "functionality" in this late in the game but I guess new features keep them fresh. A description of the new services:

• Users who give their ZIP codes to Fandango can call up text about local movie offerings and charge tickets to their credit cards. TiVo eventually wants to connect the service to its movie ads so viewers who watch a trailer can instantly buy a ticket.

• People who create free accounts with Yahoo will be able to use its Yahoo Photos service. They can use their TVs to view photos that friends or family have put online. Also, Yahoo will provide local weather forecasts and traffic reports.

• Those who sign up with Live365 can listen to streamed broadcasts of its user-created radio stations. Audio won't be CD quality, but users who want better audio can pay for a premium service.

• TiVo will enable users to select and listen to streamed podcasts, radio shows made available on demand. In addition, it will offer some simple games, including a Scrabble-like word game.

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