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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
  My whole take on Windows Live announcements
Eh...release some more product and then I'll take a closer look.
Other's impressions
O'reilly is optimistic
miniMicrosoft thought it was cool but still had his doubts...
Om Malik wasn't too impressed with Microsoft going the "vanity portal" route...
Mary Jo Foley is reminded of Micosoft's illfated Hailstorm initiative...
Hanselman doesn't "get it" ... (he also notices how things don't seem to be working as well as they could have)
Dave Winer isn't impressed and gets a little uptight with the Microsoft pimping going on...
Here's the official Microsoft press release.
I think Jason Fried from the 37signals camp speaks the truth when he states:

No one can ignore Microsoft, but at this point they're just talking while a lot of other folks are walking. The web-based app space isn't heating up — it's already been cooking for a while now.

So it'll certainly be interesting to see how the gorilla of the desktop will attempt to compete on the web when its monopoly power is drastically reduced. The web has leveled the playing field like no other platform ever has. Microsoft can't rely on the tricks of old and there's no single air supply to cut off.

Also worth noting is that all the plays seems to be outposts for the Windows and Office duopoly. The announcements were short on hints at Microsoft doing anything new or anything different that might potentially hurt the cash cows. Is this more about playing not to lose than about playing to win?


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