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Monday, November 14, 2005
  Flock is good
I've been mucking around with Flock for the past few weeks and it's been fun. I like it because, for a while, it seemed a lot more snappy than Firefox on my machine. Not so much anymore with the recent Firfox updates (release canidate 2 is the most recent one i installed i believe). I tried the blogging integration but when I went to drag a picture into Flock, something freaked out and I kept getting some error. So I closed it and haven't tried that aspect of it sense. That wasn't too big a deal to me since my current blogging routine (or lack thereof if you look at my recent updates) isn't too much of a hassle yet. To sum it up, I've had some problems with it. Well, how does that relate to the title of my post you inquire? Like I state in the title, Flock is good if for no other reason than giving people more of a selection. More of a selection means more competition. More competition means each browser team adding in features in a bid to oneup the compeition. This leads to the various browsers having to take a harder look at the standards they support and the functionality they include. After a while (probably more years than I would like), developers won't even need to worry about detecting browser versions to serve up different code for different people. Maybe this is more wishful thinking, but hey, it could happen...right?
But I  digress, Flock does do some things pretty well, the integration is kewl and it did let me sign up for a free wordpress account (which I promptly decide to not use..."what do you mean I can't access the html code?!?!") and on the whole, it was just snappier. Yes, Flock just felt quicker. I wouldn't say there was anything too revolutionary in it just yet, it does boil down to a web broswer, but it may be worth it for you to try.
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