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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
  more on Steve Jobs' iPod video unvieling
Engadget has a nice write up on the keynote Jobs gave, I found the last few sentences, which talked about downloading tv shows, pretty cool.
Yes, you can buy current episodes, and you can buy them the day after they are broadcast. They're ad free so you don't need to fast forward through the commercials, 320 x 240 again. An hour show is about the size of five albums. Depending on your speed it's about 10-20 minute to download an episode. What are they going to cost? $1.99 an episode for current season and past seasons. We have free previews on every episode.

Thanks everyone

Cot dang, they are moving pretty quick in to branching into different types of media. Now you can download tv shows, the day afer they air? Commercial free? From ABC that is. Seems like most of the popular shows are on ABC anyway. Now, all I need now is an iPod Nano video. That'd be schweet.
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