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Thursday, September 29, 2005
  Microsoft MVPs hate each other
"Old School" VB6ers want to ensure that they're apps are going work and think that Microsoft should still be full-on supporting VB6 as a way of doing things. "The kewl kid" MVPs are part of the new wave of techies who are all into the Web 2.0 way of doing things. Making things look slick and work over the web without need for a desktop install. Apparently people from these two different trains of thought don't see eye to eye on how things should be in the land of Microsoft. My take (not like anyone asked for it)? Change is always boun to happen. Instead of hoping your old apps will work in future Windows versions and thinking that your current VB6 skills should be good enough to keeping you building applications until your blue-in-the-face, why not go with the flow and learn the new technology.
"But I have existing VB6 apps built for clients that they are using and that I have to support and constantly add to..."
Will, leave them with that version of the product. If they never change their environment, it should run a for as long as it should. If they want you to port it to Vista or Windows server 2007 or whatever, figure out how to port your applicaiton (make sure you bill them for the work) and then use that knowledge to aid other companies and dev teams who need to port apps. you could probably create a whole new niche for yourself.
The point is, the world isn't going to stop coming up with new schemas, formats and standards. Those who are constantly learning and applying that new knowledge will be in fron of the pack. The old dinosaurs will get left behind. Don't fight the change, embrace it and move on. </rant>
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