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Monday, August 15, 2005
  Security Cameras begin popping up in Manhattan
Driving the civil libertarians nuts, surveillance cameras have begun appearning en masse in Manhattan to the tune of 4000+ so far.

New digital audio player, the iAudio M5, from Cowon plays the popular audio formats (mp3, wma, ogg) and even comes with a text viewer function that allows you to read e-books and other text content.

Nokia's 3G-able dual-camera-having mobile phone, the Nokia 6680, gets reviewed. The verdict? It's a good phone but could have used an fm radio and a bigger keyboard.

An experiment in click-free interface design. Nice.

Get some details on the upcoming Treo 700.

Wikipedia gets into viral marketing. The bbc put up an article on a ficitonal charatcer from an alternative reality type game they're running. Everyone seems to think this is some horrible missue of Wikipedia but I'm not so concerned. If anything that characters page could become a landmark in itself.

DTV is a new, free and open-source platform for internet television and video.
Who's going to watch tv now?

Feel like you're back in your mother's womb.

Google maps make it easier to Geotag.

Break a bone (or two)? You may be able to get'em fixed with chemically treated carbon nanotubes in the fututre.

Commerical real estate mapping tool built on MSN Virtual Earth.
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