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Thursday, August 25, 2005
  Jason Calacanis to Google haters...quit yer b!tchin
Seems to be a lot of Google hating going on these days (don't hate the playa, playa hata, hate the game!). With how big they've become, people are calling them the next Mircosoft and claiming that Google is making it harder for everyone else. Whatever. Found of the weblogs inc network, Jason Calacanis, comes out swinging in favor of Google. He basically tells everyone to get over their hangups. If you find yourself blaiming Google for your entrepreneurial troubles, maybe you should just give up and work for THE MAN for the rest of your life...

We’re Gladiators in this business. Real entrepreneurs fear NOTHING. If we get thrown in the ring with 12 opponents who are twice our size we don’t look at it as sure defeat—we look at it as the opportunity to show the world how quickly we can overcome odds other people see as insurmountable.

In tech-ish news..

You need to check out the latest Superman video diary. It's the shizz and a bag of fizz. You'll see some of the acutal footage they showed at ComicCon and even hear Superman himself speak. Geekgasmic...

Hollywood goes after more P2P-ers, this time filing 286 suits against people they've tracked down from log files obtained from companies shut-down earlier in the year.

IS VoIP provider Vonage planning an IPO?

The Nokia 6682 gets reviewed and basically it's great and all but not use-it-all-the time-as-your-main-phone great.

Motorola plans to put child-tracking mobile phones so you can see if your child really is doing homework with a friend or doing "home work" with "a friend".

Bloomberg says the Nokia CEO should think about selling Nokia since they aren't as hot as they used to be.

Protect your and yours from "harmful microwave radiation" spewing out of that reactor in your backyard with the ElectroSmog detector.

Backed by their $70 million bank account, Amp'd mobile wants to sell techie-mided 18-34 yr olds a mobile device that will do it all. You'd think with $70 mil they'd be able to put up a decent site? Guess not. That is unless they're covertly doing business as "the weather classroom". Snekay guys.

I fyou like your flash USB devices to come in the form of cute little figurines (and you like badly designed flash websites), you'll dig mimoco.
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