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Saturday, August 27, 2005
  Has Google peaked as a comapny?
I doubt it but Robert Cringely seems to think so.

But what if everyone is mainly wrong? What if search and PageRank and AdSense are Google's corporate apex. Most companies would be content with that, but Google isn't supposed to be like most companies. But what if they are? I hear a lot of talk about Google doing deals for video and music distribution, but where are those deals? So far it is all just talk.

He then also goes on to say that Apple is Microsoft's biggest threat.

Here's where I go out on a limb, but I think Microsoft's clearest threat still comes from Apple, though not the way most people expect. Yes, Apple is about to take Microsoft to the woodshed when it comes to Internet movie distribution. Yes, Apple already super-dominates the music player market where Microsoft doesn't even really exist. But the real jewel is one Microsoft has to lose, not gain -- the PC platform, itself.

in other news

More web 2.0 ajax goodnes coming next month from Microsoft? Start guessing.

A blogger gets sued over what is in one of his post's comments. Ouch.

Adobe (John Nack from Adobe more specifically) wants all of the "killing" to stop.

Californian pleads guilty to attempting to defraud ebay car buyers but taking their money but never delivering the cars.
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