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Sunday, July 03, 2005
  Microsoft wants in on VoIP
With all the big VoIP things beginning to happen lately, Microsoft envisions a future where their software merges Cell Phones, landline telephones, PCs and any other mobile device into one big happy family. Some of what their envisioning is going to be available thru their upcoming Office Communicator product.
At a press conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates unveiled a product, Office Communicator 2005, and updates to two others that promise to make it easier for workers to manage their phone calls, E-mail, and instant messages from the same place. Office Communicator, which is due in June, will let workers set up phone calls from Outlook; use one set of contacts for E-mail, instant messaging, and Internet calls; and let other users see whether they're at their desks, on the move, or offline, and route incoming calls accordingly.
There a post on Slashdot detailing their recent VoIP moves and what the big MS has been doing lately.
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