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Monday, June 27, 2005
  Scientist bring dead dogs back to life
In great timing considering Land of the Dead opened last Friday, US Scientists working at Pittsburgh's Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research have brough back scientifically "dead" dogs by basically replacing their blood and giving them 100% oxygen. Talk about creepy. They get restored to their previous state without any signs of brain or tissue damage so I wouldn't be worried about witnessing Dawn of the Dead anytime soon. Still though, if you live in Pittsburg, I would consider moving.
Duing the procedure blood is replaced with saline solution at a few degrees above zero. The dogs' body temperature drops to only 7C, compared with the usual 37C, inducing a state of hypothermia before death.

Although the animals are clinically dead, their tissues and organs are perfectly preserved.

Damaged blood vessels and tissues can then be repaired via surgery. The dogs are brought back to life by returning the blood to their bodies,giving them 100 per cent oxygen and applying electric shocks to restart their hearts.
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