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Thursday, June 16, 2005
  Pay parking meters with your cell phones...
Drivers in Miami suburb of Coral Gables can know enroll in a service that lets them pay their parking meter (and a $0.25 usage fee) with their cell phones.
The automated system allows drivers who subscribe to simply dial in from their cell phone, punch in the number assigned to their parking spot, and the required costs — plus a 25-cent usage fee — will be billed to their credit card. When leaving, subscribers call back and end the billing cycle.
I have a better idea. Just make parking meters with credit card swipes on the side. when you come back to the car swipe your card a second time and the proper amount will be charged to your card.
That's a good idea. I wonder if you could se some kind of wireless payment thing up like they use in Japan for some vending machines.
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