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Friday, June 10, 2005
  HD-DVD...Blu Ray, allow us to introduce the underdog
Japanese company Optware throws caution to the wind and takes on Sony and Toshiba as they announce that they have successfully wrote to and played media from their 30 GB Holographic Versatile Card using their "collinear holographic technique". "But tech-hawg, HD-DVDs are 30 gig, why is this one better?". Cause we said so! But seriously folks (I crack myself up), despite being on a tiny, credit-card sized card, the cards sell less the $1.00 and the write speed is 3x faster than Blu Ray. The downside so far? The players are 7 different kinds of expensive, running around $2000. Surely this would come down as the format gets more popular which may or may not happen. No one has announced their support for this yet so we'll see.
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