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Monday, May 23, 2005
  Star Wars Revenge of the Sith mints money
Shocking absolutely no one, the last Star Wars flick (alledgedly, has any one heard Lucas state that this is it recently?)brought in $158.5 million since it's early Thursday morning opening. Worldwide the flick, which pretty much everyone thinks is the best of the prequels (including me), took in over $303 million worldwide. This has to be good news to the suits who were all kinds of nervous since box office recipts have been a little low this year. Bascially summing up the Star Wars experience was moviegoer Dorien Armentrout,
"I remember when the first Star Wars came out. You didn't see it once. You didn't see it twice. You just saw it till you couldn't see it anymore," Dorien Armentrout said. "I'm sure going to see it again, at least once."
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