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Monday, May 23, 2005
  Next iTunes release to offer Podcasting Support
Steve Jobs demo'd some of the new iTunes features last night at the Wall Street Journal's D conference. When asked if there was any chance of using iTunes for paid podcast content Jobs said he was open to looking into it. He also gave us some insight into why the ubergeeky Apple folks have had a hard time getting an iTunes cellphone out yet, stating:
"As you know from our limited success at getting our computers into the Fortune 500, Apple's never been very good at going through corporate orifices in order to get at the end users. And if we can't do it with 500 companies, you can imagine it's even harder when there are only four."
Proving that no matter how rich you get, being a geek with awakrd social developement doesn't get better with money. What could be telling is that when asked about iTunes eventually selling movies, Jobs opted to not outright lie and state that he was going to have to "leave that answer to our actions in the future." iTunes to sell movies for major motion picture studios? That might something to look forward to.
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