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Friday, May 06, 2005
  Mark Cuban and Steven Soderbergh to do things their way
Mark Cuban had an interview on earlier about his plans for the future of digital cinema. One thing he mentioned he wanted to try was releasing a film in theatres, on DVD and on Pay-per view all at the same time to let the consumer decide how they want to see the movie. Well Steven Soderbergh has signed up to release 6 of his films through Cuban's production company 2929 Entertainment. I think this is an awsome experiment. I could see the mulitple child families who view going to the movies as a hassle, opting to buy the latest kid flick on DVD instead of spening $40-$70 on tickets and concessions to only see the movie once, and then have to buy it later anyway. I still think the hardcore movie lovers will flock to theatres as well as the people who go to see movies in groups (ie teens and couples). This is an awsome idea. -boingboing-
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