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Friday, April 29, 2005
  Voice recording watch

The Thanko Corporation will be adding voice recorder functions to their analog MP3 watch that is set to be released on April 29th. The 128MB unit costs 12,800 yen, the 256MB model 15,800 yen, and the 512MB model 19,800 yen. The device also supports the playback of MP3 at bitrates up to 356kbps. You have to use a USB 1.1 connection to transfer music to the watch from your pc but who needs speed anyway? You can now freak out everyone in your near vicinity in your local airport. Talk into your watch like your some kind fo special agent about to take someone out and then shout, "i'm taking him out!" while you tackle some random person to the cheers to hoorahs of the unknowing onlookers who think they've just witness a agnet of some sort take down a threat. You'll be a hero, at least until your tacklee gets back up and chases you down for tackling him for no reason. Life of a hero is not easy work. More details on the watch here.
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