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Thursday, April 07, 2005
  Tech: AOL still trying hard to remain televant
AOL is about to rollout it's internet phone service in more than 40 cities in it's bid to remain important to users in the ever expanding high-speed age. By what the heck are they thinking! If you're going to compete in a new space that already has somewhat established companies, at least be offer something new or be competitive on price. AOl's plans include a $13.99 local calling plan and up to $29.99 for unlimited Nort American calling. But that's only for 3 months, after that it goes up by $5.00. Compare that to Vonage's $25.00 a month for unlimited Nort American calling. Dude, seriously. I think AOL is just trying to dupe the eldery and people not in the Tech-know out of their money. Article here
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