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Monday, April 11, 2005
  PC: Half-Life Expansion to make your PC obsolete
Sounds like the Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast expansion is going to be pretty awsome. If you have an expensive rig. They're recommending at least 1gig of RAM, a 3.2Ghz processor and a good high end card. But who goes with the minimum. I'm guessing if you have that now you'll be able to run the game but it might not be the best performance. I think I'm going to wait to upgrade and just buy a whole new rig in a few years. Wonder what the games will be like then...yeah right, I can't wait that long.
The expansion is going to include some kewl lighting affects. When you've been in the dark and you suddenly go into the light it'll take a couple of seconds for your "eyes" to adjust and vice-versa. More details here.
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