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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
  Movies: Japanese War of the worlds trailer
The Japanese War of the Worlds trailer is out and I must say, this movie is looking better with each trailer. I dig the fact that Senior Cruise doesn't seem to be trying to be the hero. He's not trying to save the world from nasty alien buggers. He's just a man, a man trying to keep his kids alive so they can see the next day. I have a feeling this is going be a one damn fine movie when it comes out. I'll be there, rooting for the under dogs...see the trailer herePosted by Hello
OH MY GOD- How fit is justin chatwin who plays robby?!!! I'd pay to see him again on the big screen!lol!............and the film was ace too.
Y the hell can you find any pictures of the macines on the internet god dammit
Hey i love the film its so great!!!! they are all great actors its so good at the end! Justin is cute
the story was confusing and dakota fanning could have acted her role
better, but over all it is a good movie. Thumbs up for the special effects!
this movie is just not the kind you just have to see & the end totally confused me .
I liked it. I actually dug the hell out of it. Although I didn't like it as much as the "hype machine" had me thinking I would. Still all around good flick.
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